Clean Room Die Cutting

ISO Certified Ensures High Quality Products for Medical and Electronic Components

Die Cut Technologies offers a class 100,000 clean room with class 10,000 available for providing a controlled environment for producing high purity products. Our clean room die cutting services are able to produce the highest quality products for the Medical and Electronic industries.  Our state of the art equipment and technology are what separate us from the competition. At Die Cut Technologies, we focus on bringing you the highest quality products and services, with the use of our advanced clean room die cutting services.

All of our clean room die cutting and manufacturing is done under certified ISO standards in the humidity and temperature controlled hard walled facility. In addition to die cutting and material converting; packaging and sub-assembly services are also available in the clean room. We take great pride in or clean room die cutting services and are here to bring you the best products and services that you can find on the market.  Below you will find a list of our clean room die cutting capabilities and services that we provide.

Products and Capabilities Include:

  • Medical & Electronic Device Components
  • Diagnostics/ Advanced Wound Care Products
  • FDA Elastomers/ Silicone
  • Foams/ Gels/ Adhesives
  • Filtration/ Packaging