Industries Served

Die Cut Technologies, your premier gasket manufacturer, applies over 50 years of custom gasket manufacturing experience to produce high quality products and converting services at a competitive price. From prototype to production, DCT provides customers with industry expertise and modern equipment to fabricate gaskets, seals and non-metallic parts for a variety of industries and applications. These custom parts are made to our client’s specifications or concurrently designed with our engineering team to create a cost effective and value added solution.

Custom gasket manufacturing has never been more convenient. With over 50 years of experience, our specialists use their experience and knowledge of all manufacturing industries to make Die Cut Technologies one of the top gasket manufacturers in the world. Our extreme attention to detail, client needs, and industry changes help make Die Cut Technologies a leader in the industry.

Industries Served Include:

  • Electronics, insulation & EMI/RFI shielding
  • Medical, FDA elastomers, Filters, Adhesives
  • Industrial, Thermal/Chemical/Environmental control
  • Transportation, Specialty gaskets, Shock & Vibration
  • Energy, High pressure, Thermal and Environment Insulation
  • Construction, Acoustic/Vibration/Expansion control